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Project Description

The building originally named The Parkside Evangeline was built in 1927.  It was owned by the Salvation Army, and was a residence for 300 women.  The building overlooks the private gardens behind the iron fence of Gramercy Park.

The project called for the entire roof and building to be gutted/rehabilitated while maintaining the original look of the facade as required by the New York City Landmark Preservation Commission.

Siplast roofing and plaza waterproofing systems were specified for all flat roof and terrace areas, with all terraces finished with imported 2″ thick white granite pavers.  All insulation was installed to current energy code which proved quite difficult while maintaining door sill heights.  In order to comply with height restrictions, Ardex Exterior Ramp Mortar was utilized to minimize heights while ensuring proper flow to drains.  The penthouse (17th & 18th floors) features a stainless steel lap pool and hot tub which were finished using Bison IPE tiles on adjustable pedestals.  One penthouse terrace even includes a dog walk section using Siplast green roof components.  Interior wateproofing at mechanical areas was done using Sika 62, and sidewalk vault waterproofing was completed with Laurenco membrane and Soprema fluid applied flashing.

The design team, led by Robert A.M. Stern Architects, LLP was able to satisfy the requirements of the landmarks commission by enlarging the small windows o the building while retaining their original proportions.  Window enlargement was done on nearly 800 windows and included new lintels, waterproofing, grouted reinforced jambs, sill and blind side air barriers at all exterior facing walls and openings.  All bricks that were removed (over 125,000 units) were salvaged in an onsite operation that included removeing all existing mortar and stains, before being re-utilized on the rebuilt window openings.  Inner Wythe Terra Cotta tile was strengthened using Conproco Structural Skin in order to fulfill the structural requirements of the enlarged window openings.

The project was completed over a 30 month period.  It was subjected to numerous design changes, and resulted in a finished product that has set record numbers in real estate sales in lower Manhattan.  A number of manufacturer’s proved invaluable in solving many unique and difficult waterproofing issues while ensuring that aesthetics were maintained.

The project was fully completed March 2013.