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Project Description

Location: New York, NY

Completed in January 2009, the United Nations South Annex Building, contains the employees Dining Room which was to remain operational during this extensive roof replacement project.  The South Annex Building is located within the confines of United Nations Headquarters in Manhattan. The property has the distinction of being an International Territory, and is located between the East River and First Ave, between 42nd and 48th Streets. The South Annex Building (SAB) is located on the 42nd Street end of the property, but access to the building is difficult at best.

A loading tower was erected within the property accessing both the work area and the underground loading dock 6 stories below. Hoists were utilized to load material, and lower debris, directly from the Roof Level to waiting trucks below. All vehicles entering and exiting the property were subject to Canine Inspections, which also added to the complexity of the project.

The existing roof was 220 squares of Ballasted Inverted Built-Up Asbestos Roofing. The existing ballast was first vacuumed from the roof to Vac-loaders positioned on the outside of the property with hoses running through existing Air Shafts. Once the ballast was removed, all future work was moved to overnight hours so that the facility could remain operational. Asbestos was removed and offloaded during the first part of the over-night shift, and then a base sheet was installed to insure watertightness throughout the project.